Earlier last month, a new type of virus hit the internet, known as CryptoLocker. This virus does what its name says, in which I will describe in more detail. First off, to get infected by this virus, you will have to open some sort of file. With this specific virus, the hackers are hiding the “.exe” extension as a .pdf, making it seem like safe document, but when they open it, the virus secretly infects their system. With this virus, you can not simply remove it and go on with your way, which makes it one of the most talked about viruses of the year.

When this virus installs on to your computer it will lock all of your files so that you can not do anything except reformat it, which will result in you losing all of your precious files, such as important documents for work, school, pictures and so forth. You will get a message telling you to pay an amount of at least $300 to get access to your files. You have a limited time to comply with these requests, failure to do so in the time provided and your data will be completely inaccessible, in short…say goodbye to all of your files and pictures.

So, how do I remove CryptoLocker?

You can remove this virus as well as any other trojans and malware on your system using a very popular software called Malwarebytes. Unfortunately, you will be unable to get your data back since this specific virus encrypts it, but you are still able to remove it and get back control of your computer.

Save your data – Back up so you do not lose your important files!

If you were hit by this virus but failed to backup your data, you are forced to pay $300 or you will lose everything you have saved. It isĀ very important that from here on out that you back up your data!

Fortunately, I have some cloud based recommendations that you can use that will keep your data secure, even if this virus hits your computer. There are many advantages of using cloud based software over other back up methods, such as:

  • Dead simple to use. They are very user friendly and they have many ways to get in contact if you need support, such as telephone number, online chat and e-mail.
  • You can back up all of your computers, devices, etc. within the same software.
  • You can recover data using any device, for other devices. If your PC is infected, use another PC or your mobile phone to access the backup and get your files back.
  • No one can see your private data that is backed up. It is encrypted to keep it secure and safe.

Some examples of such software are: Carbonite, Mozy, Crashplan, etc. You can google these software and review which is best for you, maybe I will do a post on each at a later date.

If you have any specific questions about this virus, you can contact me directly using the “Contact Me” page at the top of this website.